Kejal in a few words

KEJAL is a Cooperative Company of Collective interest whose main activities are based on a training centre and a space for accompanying projects and companies.

Its aim is to encourage the creation and development of activities contributing to sustainable development, ecologically sustainable and in line with social, solidarity, local and fair economy approaches.

The cooperative is made up of members, structures or professionals, working together for the development of a solidarity economy and concerned about ecological balance.

Coming from different sectors (trade, commerce, finance, animation, popular education, training, European projects…), the members of kejal share complementary skills and resources to support, advise and train people or companies wishing to join these initiatives.

The cooperative provides an educational and expertise space for :

Designing and implementing appropriate training courses for project leaders

Building proposals for consulting, support, audit, study and service proposals for individuals and companies.

Its aims

To enable any person, regardless of age, gender, social and professional situation, or previous experience, to create the professional activity to which he or she aspires;

To create bridges between the classical economy and the social and solidarity economy while preserving the aims, values, conceptions of work and the economy, and the ecological and socio-cultural approaches defended in the social and solidarity economy;

To have the specificities of support aimed at creating social, solidarity and sustainable development economy activities recognised, both in terms of the content to be provided and the reflection process to be supported.

The lab in a few words

The scic kejal lab was created on the initiative of the member-policyholders so that the accompanying trainers could find a space for creation and innovation to question its pedagogical practices, share them and mutualise tools to feed its reflections and actions.

This lab lives from meetings between trainers on different sites in Brittany or elsewhere, as well as through a digital space where trainers, having signed the charter of mutual commitment, can come and feed on tools created by others and feed into the tools they have been able to experiment with.

It evolves through partnerships and, since 2018, has taken on a European dimension, which is now taking shape through the creation of a pedagogical toolbox for entrepreneurs in the solidarity economy and sustainable development, adapted and effective for business creation projects with a European dimension.